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Creative Play – Learning in Context (1973)

eLearning Central (eLC) is an educational resource portal developed by Richard Gentle to bring together, and provide access to, some of the most useful information and resources connected to education and learning that currently exists on the web. Non-commercial contributions are always welcome, so please make suggestions or comments via the contact page. Relevant advertising is possible – see terms here.

After several years working in the educational sector, I realised how challenging it could be to keep informed of what was, and is, going on. Along with all of the usual curriculum changes, the ICT revolution is now an integral component of education at all levels. Having worked in School, College and University education since 1985 and been involved with elearning development in various ways from 2001 to 2012, I decided to create a central area for information and links to as many informative websites that I could find to help those looking for information and resources for their teaching and learning.

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The importance of creative education: why making is as important as maths, reading and science (es) August 2016 (2017)

Secret Teacher: parents, I wish I could tell you how brilliant your children are (es) July 2016

‘We cannot continue to apply adult amounts of pressure on young people and expect them to cope’ (es) June 2016

Free eBook: 10 Practical Principles For Creating Impactful eLearning (es)

Dear Nicky Morgan: so much for freeing schools from ‘government diktats’ – Michael Rosen “The education system is ‘working’ – in the same way that dying cures illness.” (es) (Richard’s opinion) April 2016

Creating is not just a ‘nice’ activity; it transforms, connects and empowers (es) March 2016

Children should learn mainly through play until age of eight, says Lego (es) March 2016
(Richard’s opinion)

3 Subjects Schools Should Teach To Improve The World (Meditation, Nutrition, Law of Attraction)

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