“We’re a Girl Scout Troop and we just wanted to shoot you a big thanks for your wonderful economics page, since it’s been such a major help to us! My Brownie Scouts have been working towards earning their ‘Money Manager’ badge. The girls are learning a lot about economics and personal finance.” – Cindy Powell (The California Hiking Page)

Good Calculators logoThis website provides a variety of online calculators, such as: Financial and investments, mortgage and tax, salary and savings, calculators.

BullionMax - elearningcentral.infoBullionMax has produced a coin collecting for kids guide. (US)

“Whether it’s collecting state quarters, mint sets, ancient coins, or anything in between, coin collecting is a great hobby for kids. Not only is collecting a fun activity, but it is also an investment for the future. Children can learn about responsibility, finance, attention to detail, and history, all from this wonderful hobby.”

The following links have kindly been provided by Alternative Investment Coach (US sites)

Teaching Economics, Business & Finance to Kids

The Internet has a wealth of useful resources and information to help educators and parents to teach young people about personal finances, economics and the world of business. We’ve collated the websites that have impressed us the most:


Kid’s Economic Glossary – A glossary of terms every kid should know, from banks to bonds and even what the Treasury Department does.

Free Internet Economic Resources For Kids – a site recommended by the Girl Scout Troop of The California Hiking Page.

Social Studies For Kids – This site is all about economics, for kids.

Learn Liberty – This site contains a wealth of information about economics and business cycles. The videos are short, simple, and yet amazingly detailed.

Money Management and Financial Lessons for Grades K-12 (USA)
“It’s important that kids have an understanding of financial literacy early on in order to ensure that they have good (money management) skills as adults. They’ll need to be able to create realistic budgets, manage credit and debt, and save for unexpected expenses if they want to be successful in the future. While learning from trial and error can sometimes be a good thing, when it comes to financial literacy, it’s far better to learn these skills at an early age.” – Financial Force website.

Link kindly provided by Corine H of


BizKids – For the entrepreneurial type. This site teaches kids everything they need to know about business, how to start one, and even profit margins.

Help Kids Learn About Business And Finance – This extensive resource guide shows parents how to teach their kids about money, business, and finance.

Business Guide For Kids – A business resource guide for kids, including where to get free business cards, and ideas for starting a kid-friendly business.

How To Start A Craft Business – This site shows kids how to turn their creativeness into profit.

Teaching Kids Business – This site has a wealth of resources on teaching your kids about business.

Money Instructor: Career, Work and Business Lessons

Teach-Nology: Economics, Business Lesson Plans – Your child learns about economics and building a business plan.

Lesson Planet: Business Lesson Plan

Personal Finance

Kids’ Finance – This site helps you teach financial responsibility and basic concepts to kids.

h.i.p Pocket Change – The U.S. Mint site, made for kids. It entertains and informs, offering games, cartoons, and other fun activities to help children learn about coins.

History of money – This is a detailed history of money, set up chronologically, and in an easy-to-understand format.

Kidnexions – This is a virtual savings program that’s designed for children ages 6 and up. It helps you and your child keep track of savings, and it encourages saving through Reward incentives. It also helps your child set and track financial goals.

Kids money – This site helps you and your kids learn about money management and finances. It’s designed exclusively for kids, but also good for parents wanting to help.

Kids’ Allowances – This site discusses the the pros and cons of getting an allowance.

Center for Economic & Financial Education (CEFE) – There is information here on banking, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Mint, and the U.S. Treasury.

Sense and Dollars – This is the Maryland Public Television site dedicated information and personal finance for kids. Lots of resources here, including information on allowances, personal finance, planning for college, and getting a job.

Desert Valley Christian School – This website offers a variety of resources, including maths games.

Ed’s Bank – A game for kids that teaches them about money and finance.

business and economicsBusiness, Finance, and Economics for Kids

“Learning how to handle money is one of the most important skills you need to learn, and it’s a great way to get an introduction to business and economics as well. Learning about finance and budgeting can help you to have more financial freedom when you’re older. You can play games and do activities by yourself or with a friend to test your knowledge and teach you about the economy. Have fun with these games and activities while you learn and you might even be inspired to start your own business one day!” Visit the webpage here

(The above site was recommended by Avery – a student with the STEM X club, in association with Exeter School, US.

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