Some of favourite music sites for children to experiment with:

Music Exploratorium:

Claps and Stomps

Dot Mixer

Experimental Instruments

kitchen sink-o-pation

Type Drummer by Kyle Stetz


Combine blocks to build synths, effect your voice, remix & manipulate samples and arrange self-playing musical environments. And you can download your recording as a wav file. (facebook page)

Sphinx Kids

Tone Matrix

Nick’s World of Synthesizers

Online Theremin by Femur (and on facebook and Blok Dust)

Acid Machine by Errozero

Dream Pipe Drum Machine

Music solutions

Drumming and the Brain
Dr Jon Weaver – Workshop Manager at African Drumming Sheffield
What would you say if I told you there was an exercise that, if practised daily, would increase your pupil’s IQ, improve attention and cognitive function, increase pain threshold, improve fine motor control, facilitate language acquisition and verbal fluency, facilitate social cohesion, elevate mood and reduce fatigue, have a similar effect to Ritalin for ADD patients and provide a basis for gait training in stroke and Parkinson’s patients? Would you implement it in your school?

Teaching a lesson in life through classical music:
Benjamin Zander – Work (How to give an A)

More wacky music making

Koka’s Soundtrack Box No. 1


Kids play Led Zeppelin