Dr. Jane Goodall shares her thoughts for World Animal Day 2020. This year marks 60 continuous years of research in Gombe, Tanzania, where Jane first unlocked the mysterious world of wild chimpanzees. This research and her findings helped redefine our relationship to the rest of the animal kingdom. As Dr. Goodall has shared, “Chimps made it so easy for me to assert that there’s no sharp line between us & rest of the animal kingdom. The difference is in degree, not in kind.” We are a part of the animal world, not separate, and it’s our responsbility to respect and protect the natural world.

How Nature Can Transform Education – an article by Richard Louv (es US)

The Wildlife Trusts -
The WildlifeTrusts’ Learing

rspb -“We believe every child and young person should have regular opportunities to connect with nature, so they value it, prioritise it and take action to save it.”


Nature and Environmental Education in Early Childhood

BACK TO THE SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE: The Real Cutting Edge of Education Probably Isn’t What You Think It Is – an article by Richard Louv

Nature Schools -
Red Kite Academy Trust and The Wildlife Trusts are seeking permission to open a primary school in Nuneaton.

Nature Friendly Schools - elearningcentral.infoNature Friendly Schools is a ground-breaking, £6.4million project funded by the Department for Education with support from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and Natural England.

Photo of tigress ‘hugging’ tree wins environment photo of the year (ES)


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