Dr Fatima Ebrahimi - elearningcentral.infoDr. Fatima Ebrahimi, who works for the US Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), has invented a new fusion rocket that could one day take humans to Mars.

The device uses magnetic fields to shoot plasma particles from the back of the rocket and propel the craft through space.

Using magnetic fields allows scientists to tailor the amount of thrust for a particular mission and astronauts change the amount of thrust while piloting to distant worlds.

Ebrahimi’s innovation would also take astronauts to the Red Planet 10 times faster than current rocket thrusters that use electric fields to propel the particles.

“I’ve been cooking this concept for a while”, said Ebrahimi.

“I had the idea in 2017 while sitting on a deck and thinking about the similarities between a car’s exhaust and the high-velocity exhaust particles.”

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