English Anomalies

Take a look at these examples:

i before e

had had

How to Improve Literacy Without Even Trying

The value of reading

Research tells us:

  • When children choose their own books to read, versus having books assigned, they are five times more likely to read the whole book.

  • When a young child gets excited about a topic or a story, he can read four or five books in a single day. An older reader can read several books in a week when she finds a character or a plot or a fact that connects to her life and expands her world.

  • When children want to read, they drive their own learning, which can be many times more powerful than simply following along in a class assignment.

  • When children have books at home, they do better in school. Having books in the home is more important than parents’ education levels as a marker for success in school.

  • When children read widely and often, they develop higher-order thinking skills called for by the new standards, and also develop a love for reading and learning. Reading helps them to feel more optimistic, and to see a world in which they can reach higher and achieve their dreams.

(From an article by Dick Robinson – Chairman and CEO of Scholastic – on the value of reading)

The 3 most common typos people make in online posts and articles:

that instead of than
you instead of your
your instead of you’re



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