Seth on Education

“Education in your culture is a mixed bag (with irony and humorous emphasis) — and education comes not from schools alone, but from newspapers and television, magazines and books, from art and from culture’s own feedback. Generally speaking, for the purposes of this discussion, there are two kinds of education — one focused toward teaching the child to deal with the natural world, and one focused toward teaching the child how to deal with the cultural world. Obviously, these are usually combined. It is impossible to separate them.

“Your educational systems, however, for all of their idealism, have largely ended up (pause) smothering the natural individual bents and leanings of children, and overemphasized instead the cultural organization. It became more important, then, for the child to conform to the culture rather than to follow its own individual natural leanings. Its own characteristic ways of dealing with nature were frowned upon, so that education does not work with the child’s abilities, but against them. Education then often goes against the grain of the natural person.

This does not mean that some children do not do very well under your system. (Pause.) I do not mean to imply, either, that children do not need an education, or that some discipline and direction are not beneficial. Children, however, will concentrate for hours at a time on subject matters and questions that interest them. They are often taken from such pursuits, and their natural habits of concentration suffer as a result.”

The Magical Approach, Session Eleven: Wednesday September 10, 1980, 8:48 pm

A bit of background on Seth

Jane as SethJane Roberts (USA 1929-1984)

In 1963, Jane Roberts began channelling amazing information from a non-Jane and Robphysical entity who referred to himself as Seth. The quality, breadth, and wisdom of this became broadly known as The Seth Material. To my mind, the information imparted through Jane Roberts and written down by her partner, Rob Butts, has never been equalled or surpassed – only copied or built on…


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