Sir Ken Robinson: “Reimagine Learning that Can Change the World” – Reimagine Education

Internationally recognized educator and creativity expert Robinson inspires us to imagine school systems that can move beyond a narrow focus on academic achievement to actively promote creativity and divergent thinking.

Some of the points made in this talk include:

Learning – is the natural process of acquiring new skills and understanding.

“Human beings are gifted with profound powers of imagination.”

“Imagination is the ability to bring into mind, things that aren’t present to our senses”.

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work; it’s materialising your ideas – bringing them into being.”

“How do we change the education system? Don’t wait for anyone to do it. You are the system; we’re all the system; we’re it.”

1. The political culture which bears down on schools.

2. The habits of mind which keep the system in place, within the schools.

A school is a community of learners. How schools are organised, is up to the people who run them.

Industrial agriculture was based on 3 innovations:
1. Mechanisation (Subsequently leading to the reliance on 11 plant and 5 animal species)
2. Chemical fertilizer
3. Chemical pesticides

Our mechanistic treatment of our world puts us on the edge of the 6th extinction. On the other hand…

Organic agriculture – natural and sustainable growth and development. “Get the soil right and the plants will take care of themselves.” Apply this to learning:

1. Diversity of learning
2. An ecosystem of groups

“Education is a race between civilization and catastrophe.” – H G Wells

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